My name is Sylwia Polka. 

I am an experienced Hair and Makeup artist, a new Mum and lover of natural remedies.

I have spent  the last 18 years living in London, where I made the transition from Economics study to a succesful career in Makeup and Hair. I hold the belief  that on a self motivation path, one can achive whatever one desires. 

Watching my Mum, at work in her beauty salon making beauty products, always inspired me. My passion for Makeup and Hair has been enhanced by the discovery of essential oils and I now also have seen their benefits in my family life.

Having recently relocated to Yorkshire and become a doTERRA consultant, I am excited to be sharing all my  beauty experience alongside natural remedy tips with a new audience.

If  you're looking for a professional to help you achive the look of your dreams,               if you're simply seeking a remedy or if you want to be part of my team .....WELCOME!